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Western Equestrian Society

The Western Equestrian Society (WES) was formed in 1985 to promote the discipline of Western Riding to the standard as practised in the United States. We promote the sport for enthusiasts at all levels, whether pure beginners or seasoned competitors. You can enjoy all of our ridden activities with ANY breed of horse or pony. Members participate with Highland ponies, Welsh ponies and cobs, traditional cobs, Haflingers, Arabians and also the various western breeds. In fact, you name the breed and there’s probably a WES member out there riding it in a western saddle! We like a bit of variety!
Western Equestrian Society
Western Equestrian Society1 month ago
Photo's are available from the Nationals

Galleries are for each unique rider/horse combination.
Files are available individually or as a whole gallery (latter cheaper if 6 or more files wanted)
Prints also of course.
Canvases have a wrap around, sometimes the photograph needs re-cropping to not have this impact the visible front face too much; you’ll see I’ve put a note about that at the top for folks to contact me before ordering to see if that is necessary.

WES National Show 2017

The photo’s are now up online and the link to his site is:-


Next years dates are 24th 25th and 26th August 2018

A huge thank you once again to our show team for a great 2017 WES Nationals. The number of horses were down on last years but believe it or not the actual number of entries was up. The weather was great and a fantastic atmosphere was maintained together with a good assortment of both Quarter Horses and Native breeds. Well done to everyone who supported the show and those who came along to spectate. Our show team this year
• Show Manager – David Lloyd
• Pre Show Manager – David Brindley
• Show Secretary – Mick Carder
• Judges Steward – Kim White
• Stable Manager – David & Johanna
• Rosette Stewards – Linda Thompson and Michelle McGuire
• First Aid – Matt Ailing and Arena Steward
• Collecting Ring – Ann Batley
• Health & Safety – David Brindley
• Commentator – Jim Lyner
• Trail/ Outdoor Judge – Bruce Lawrence
• Trail/Outdoor Steward – Tina
• Outdoor Collecting Ring – Nick Verstage and Helen Collins
• Arena Stewards Kathleen Beare and Kaz Owens






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