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Western Equestrian Society

The Western Equestrian Society (WES) was formed in 1985 to promote the discipline of Western Riding to the standard as practised in the United States. We promote the sport for enthusiasts at all levels, whether pure beginners or seasoned competitors. You can enjoy all of our ridden activities with ANY breed of horse or pony. Members participate with Highland ponies, Welsh ponies and cobs, traditional cobs, Haflingers, Arabians and also the various western breeds. In fact, you name the breed and there’s probably a WES member out there riding it in a western saddle! We like a bit of variety!
Western Equestrian Society
Western Equestrian Society4 weeks ago
Great first day of camp yesterday. 😊🤠 Day 2 brings high wind and rain. It hasn’t stopped us yet though.
Western Equestrian Society
Western Equestrian Society1 month ago
Welcome to the WES 2019 camp everyone !! 🤠
Western Equestrian Society
Western Equestrian Society1 month ago
Good Evening All, it’s Michaels birthday on the Thursday before the MM clinic. Would anyone like to join us for a curry on the Thursday night ? I’ll be booking a table on the Wednesday. Debs x

Trail Scheme

The Trail Riding Award’ Scheme is open to members of the Society only. The Scheme is very simple – any WES member who hacks out for pleasure (training and schooling do NOT count) in a western saddle can record their hours and qualify for an award. The horse does not have to belong to the rider but must be ridden in a western saddle.

The scheme is subject to a once only payment of £40.

Participants can download a Log Book to record their hours spent hacking.

Records mut be submitted to the Society on an annual basis to verify claim Subject to ratification* the following awards will be made:

  • 75 hours members will receive a certificate
  • 150 hours -certificate,
  • 250 hours – certificate plus an inscribed silver belt buckle* supplied by Montana Silversmiths
  • 500 hours – certificate plus option to purchase trail award merchandise from The Society
  • 1000 hours – certificate option to purchase trail award merchandise from the Society and 1 years free membership

Join now by downloading the PDFs below, or fill out this form to submit an entry to your log.

Previous Buckle Winners

1990 – Thea Lloyd (Apache of Blythwind)
1992 – David Brindley (Joiners Southern Comfort)
? – Jane Cresswell, Elaine Walker (Classic Charmer “Darius”)
1996/7? – Dawn Figg (Welsh Cob mare Dafarch Seren Mai)
2006 – Julie Grimwood-Ferguson (Alfred (Haflinger))
2006? – Phil Winstanley (Tennyson Splash***, Appaloosa)
2007? – Stephanie Goodacre, Anne Batley (Peppy’s Blazin Chevy “Blaze”)
2007 – Patsy George
2008? – Christine Taylor (Argentinian Criollo “Reyner”)
2009 – Christine Taylor (re-entered) (Q/H “Classical Zanny”)
2010 – Judy Jones
2011 – Julie Magnus-Hannaford (Tennyson Splash*** Appaloosa ), Bill Tait (Amigo), Melanie Reynolds (Jackson’s Skipalena)
2012 – Susan Thomson (Strider), Sarah Hadley ( Appaloosa “Amazing Princess”), Jenny French, Gerri Scargill (Lucy)
2013 – Bea Cook (Tia)
2014 – Vic Llewellyn (Archie)

Dawn Figg:   My Welsh Cob mare Dafarch Seren Mai and I were awarded a trail award buckle.  I should think it was 1996 or 1997 but I can’t remember exactly (after I got married but before my son was born!).  My mare passed away aged 28, after I had owned her for 24 years, and I do not currently ride but my WES buckle is still proudly displayed in the living room!

Julie Magnus-Hannaford:   I started 6th August 2009, 506 hours completed 3rd August 2011.  All done on Tennyson Splash. Looking at my trail log and remembering where I went it’s a fantastic record of all the places we went together & brings back happy memories. I also record if I am riding with other people so I can recall those rides.  Now on around 700 hours but have slowed down due to moving house and demise of horse! Will be picking up the pace again soon when new horse comes home.


Melanie Reynolds: In October 2011, I got my Silver Trail Award Buckle. Jackson’s Skipalena and I have had many wonderful hours in the saddle. We’ve moved about a bit, but this has given us lots of different trails to explore, from bridleways across farmland in Northamptonshire, then a chance to explore the Wiltshire Downs and Ridgeway and then back up to Northamptonshire where we now have bridleways and byways through farmland and forest to explore. We also have a regular companion in the form of hubby on his mountain bike, and Jackson sees this strange skinny “horse” as one of the herd.

1000 Hours

2014 – Julie Magnus-Hannaford was the first to achieve 1000 hours.

Julie (pictured on Alan on her 1000th hour ride) rode a number of horses over the time taken to achieve 1000 hours.

WES Trophy Buckle

WES has produced a customised trophy buckle which is available for members to buy to celebrate any award that they win at a WES event from a class win to a high point award.

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