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Western Equestrian Society

The Western Equestrian Society (WES) was formed in 1985 to promote the discipline of Western Riding to the standard as practised in the United States. We promote the sport for enthusiasts at all levels, whether pure beginners or seasoned competitors. You can enjoy all of our ridden activities with ANY breed of horse or pony. Members participate with Highland ponies, Welsh ponies and cobs, traditional cobs, Haflingers, Arabians and also the various western breeds. In fact, you name the breed and there’s probably a WES member out there riding it in a western saddle! We like a bit of variety!
Western Equestrian Society
Western Equestrian Society2 weeks ago
Thanks for waiting on these and thanks for letting me wave a camera at you all weekend, I hope you like the results here:
Gallery for each rider, 30-40 shots in each for most riders, and an extra B&W version of each them also = 60-80 files.
Green “Buy Photos” button top right of each gallery page, £7/£9 jpeg individual (low res 1mp or high res 4mp), prints start at £8.
Whole Gallery option – prices the same as five individual jpegs for the whole gallery of up to 80 files. So £35/£45 for whole set. It is option number 2 “gallery download” under the “Buy Photos” button… BUT… for some weird reason that option doesn’t appear if you are using a mobile phone or tablet and holding it vertically. Go figure??!! Flip it horizontally or try a laptop/PC.
All shots approximately retouched already, over 3,000 files uploaded so no time to do more on all of them I’m afraid, any that are ordered get a second thorough checking and tweak if required.
Any retouch requests or questions or assistance needed please just call or drop me a line .
Don’t forget “Party In the Dirt”… last gallery… good times!!
Thanks again, enjoy, and good riding to all.
😊 Jamie”
Western Equestrian Society
Western Equestrian Society2 weeks ago
Good Afternoon Everyone. Just a quick note to say the WES 3 day camp forms will be sent out Via email this evening. If you haven’t received one and would like to, please PM me or email with your email address.

Youth Members

WES is very keen to encourage our Youth membership and offers a number of incentives for Youth members.

Our Youth Officer is currently David Brindley

Email Address – [email protected]

Our Youth members are able to benefit from an incentive scheme in the form of a clinic subsidy whereby youth members can reclaim 50% of their clinic fees at an approved WES clinic up to £25 per day. This is limited to a maximum of £25 per year. This can be used for either local or National clinics – but is excluded from the WES three day clinic which already has a discount for Youth members.

The only stipulation is that the clinic must be WES approved and the instructor must be a WES approved instructor.

Other incentives include:-

  • Subsidised places at the Morton Morrell Clinic
  • Discounted entry fees at the Nationals

If you require any further detail please contact David direct

Youth Gallery

WES Trophy Buckle

WES has produced a customised trophy buckle which is available for members to buy to celebrate any award that they win at a WES event from a class win to a high point award.

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Western Equestrian Society Store!

We offer a wide range of high quality branded clothing

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